Monday, November 24, 2008

Cuando, Cuando, Cuando???

I don't know if you've heard my new blog song. It sums up life around here. When, When, When, will we see our little girl? We are about 95% sure we won't be leaving December 3rd. Our next departure date could be December 10th. We will need to get our travel approval this week for that to happen. If we leave the 10th, we would get home sometime Christmas Day. If we don't hear this week, the departure date moves to the 17th, and we come home New Year's Day. We could leave as late as January 8th.

The hard part is not knowing. If the date were set, I could start making plans accordingly. This waiting to hear when we will leave is causing my anxiety to go through the roof. It is also paralyzing. I have so much to get done, but I find myself drawn to the computer looking for news, analyzing previous months' time to travel. I told myself if there was no news this morning, I am going to rip myself from the computer and get busy.

I need to prepare for Thanksgiving and the First Sunday of Advent. I figure there is now a pretty good chance I also need to have everything ready for Christmas before I leave. We also have two birthdays and St. Nicholas's Feast Day next week. All of which need my attention. Add to that getting the guest room back in order (it has become the location of choice for all the things I didn't want to take care of) since my family will be staying here with the girls. I also have packing and more paperwork to finish. Knowing WHEN would really help me focus on getting these things done.


Unknown said...

Praying for a quick answer to that question!

Kim H. said...

Honey, you're doing great. You're going through every emotion expected. It's just a tough time of year - and the not knowing is the worst. It's easy to just say "it'll happen" or "you'll know soon enough" but that's not always how it works. Just keep plugging along. You're almost there.

By the way, I love the cuando, cuando, cuando song!

We're praying.

Maria (also Bia) said...

"Cuando" is always a hard one...but have faith!