Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Feast of All Saints

We have been so blessed that everywhere we have lived we have been able to find wonderful, vibrant parishes. We have lived here for a little over three years and we have the most wonderful Dominican parish. Each year the Knights of Columbus have a Saint Party for the kids. It is always one of our favorite events. They have a Grand March and judge costumes, a pinata, a fishing pond, cornhole, and many more saint-themed games. My girls really look forward to it. The highlight is the Stump the Priest Game. All the kids line up and our priests try to guess which saint they are. The kids prepare little clues so Father can ask a few questions. It is so much fun.

This year Banana was St. Philomena. She won the prize for the 2nd and 3rd grade costumes. She also stumped Fr. L who got a few preview clues. Luckily, Fr. P helped him out. Bear was St. Collette. Fr. L is French so he guessed her pretty quickly. Bophie stumped them both with her St. Sophia costume. Allegorically, St. Sophia had three daughters; Faith, Hope, and Charity. I pinned three little dolls labelled Faith, Hope, and Charity to her jumper.

Grandma likes to spoil the girls and knowing my aversion to more candy, she got them all cute light up shirts this year. I noticed how the lights showed through their costumes which reminded me of the Sacred Heart. I am already thinking how I will incorporate that in next year's costumes.

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