Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today our nation elects a new leader. It is clear we are at a crossroads. Tomorrow, we could be looking at a president who would promote a culture of death at an unprecedented rate. The thought has caused many (myself included) to be fearful, anxious, upset, and troubled.

I had a ray of light today. I took all the girls with me to brave the polls. I was afraid if I waited for dh to be home I would end up waiting hours. We actually only waited half an hour. It allowed us to make it to the noon Mass at our downtown parish. We have wonderful priests who decided there would be exposition all day today.

The church was packed! I had a hard time finding a parking spot. I went in and found I was joined by the regular daily Mass crowd. But there were also many families there. Many homeschooling moms took the trouble to load up all the kids during lunch/nap time to make the trek to a parish downtown to be near our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. There were other people there on their lunch breaks. Many people who stayed to pray the rosary and the lines for confession looked like a Friday rather than a Tuesday.

I know whatever the outcome of this election is, no matter how disappointed I am that some cannot see the danger of a pro-death president, there are still many faithful flocking to pray for our country. I know that tomorrow, regardless of the election outcome, God will still bless the faithful. I know that there are so many others, good dear friends and family, striving to make this country better. I find true hope in that.

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Unknown said...

We have perpetual adoration at our parish. I went last night and there were aton of people there. Would have gone back today, but my 3 year old is sick! Oh well, I pray from home. DH came home so I could go vote.