Friday, November 7, 2008

Initial Responses

Our package came today with more pictures. I promise to get them up as soon as possible because this little one is soooo adorable. I am having some trouble with our newfangled printer/scanner (imagine that). For now you will have to be content looking at this sweet face. Perhaps I can fill in some of the temporary void with the story of the call.

It came around 11:30. I had the phone ready to go, everything at my fingertips. I thought I was prepared.... There just isn't any preparing. Dh had a meeting (a big meeting) that he could not get out of, but was coming home around 1:00. We thought there was a chance he would make it home in time, but he didn't. The phone rang, I stifled my desire to scream "finally"-- I could not stifle the tears.

I think my girls were as excited as I was . They jumped as much as I did each time the phone rang. When the call came, they all did their best to contain their excitement while I was on the phone. I was crying, trying to hear Liz from the agency give details, and text dh at work. It was chaos. Dh wanted to see the picture, but was stuck in the meeting. Since he had his blackberry he could see it if I put it on the Internet. So if any of you were checking the blog between 11:30 and noon yesterday you probably saw some craziness as I tried to get the picture on my site for him. Thank goodness for the blog.

The email with her picture came while I was on the phone, which meant I had to leave the quiet study (I had shooed the kids out so I could concentrate) and head to the laptop in the kitchen. All three of the girls were immediately at my heels. My tears started flowing again when I opened her picture. When I looked to see the girls' reactions, I knew Banana had her mother's tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. She was crying with excitement too. She has such a tender heart and has really been praying hard for this baby. I know she will be my little mother when we return.

Bophie, being only two, is pretty oblivious to the whole thing. She did not like me spending so much time on the phone as it interfered with her lunch and nap. Bear was also excited, but it just wasn't at the same level. I realized she has a harder time conceptualizing this adoption. We have waited longer than she can remember. To her this adoption has always been talked about, but nothing happens. Last night in the car she said, "You know the best part of this adoption will be getting her, not the pictures." We have all been so wrapped up in seeing her pictures, finding out where she is, how old she is, how big she is. These things are relatively unimportant to my five year old. She just wants Tess to finally come home and I can definitely understand that!


Unknown said...

How truly exciting! Lots of prayers coming your way!

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Very exciting!!! You know... you could forget wrangling with the scanner and just take a picture of the pictures and post them that way! I'm just sayin'!!!