Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kids Say....

My little Bophie has a cold. Last night she had a hard time getting to sleep. Today she has alternated between really grumpy and unbelievably clingy. I don't know if it is her rapidly growing vocabulary or feeling under the weather, but she has said some of the funniest things.

Last night she very sweetly asked her dad, "I lay down with you guys?" as we were watching a little tv. When we let her, she even more sweetly turned to both of us and said, "I love you more." She even patted our cheeks for effect. I think she was buttering me up for the night she had in store for me, she was up and down all night. Nevertheless, those few little words melted my heart.

Then this morning I caught her jumping on my bed. When I sternly told her to stop, she looked at me and said "I telling Dad you talk to me like that." She has been using the phrase "talk to me like that" quite a bit lately. I wonder where she picked that up? She is constantly telling me about one of her sisters "talking" to her. In fact last week she told her dad "Don't kalk a mom like that, Dad." She said it at dinner when he said something sarcastically to me (I know you are all shocked there would be any sarcasm at our dinner table). Since then I think we have all provoked her a little to hear her say it again. It is cute now when she is 2. I am sure I won't feel the same when she is 8.

Later in the day was my favorite. I again caught her jumping, this time on my couch. I again gave her a pretty stern warning about jumping on the furniture. Her two-year-old response, "I not playing with you, Mom." Now there's a real threat... Imagine, I might actually have 5 minutes to drink that cup of coffee I had already reheated 3 times.


~M~ said...

your daughters are adorable.

Anonymous said...

She sure is a cutie!