Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My morning offering

I received this snippet of a forum question from I am sorry I don't have the full link as it came as part of a message from an email loop I belong to.

In fact the highest calling is strict adherence to the moral law without admittance of compromise, even in the face of worldly futility. It is a mark of humility to recognize ones own powerlessness as opposed to that of idolatry.

I needed to hear this yesterday. I needed to be reminded that no matter what the world throws my way, I need to humbly pick up my cross-- no matter how futile it seems sometimes. We have reached the mid-point of 40 Days for Life. I know my sacrifices have been minimal and my prayers could use more fervor and devotion.

To use a sport's analogy (imagine that during college football season), I need to fight with the veracity of the underdog. I need to keep alive the drive, to understand that even if no one thinks pro-lifers can win I must continue to do my part. It is the higher calling.

Each month we join a group from our parish to pray in front of an abortion clinic in our area. I take my girls because I know they will have to continue this battle someday. Last month, they got together with a friend and decided to bring their baby dolls so that the people going in would know how nice babies were. Dear Banana also made a wonderful sign. It read Life is Pro-Life. I chuckled a little, but I am so impressed with her young sense of justice. She also added "pray you can see for yourself."

Today, I am going to take up that prayer. I am going to pray our nation can truly see the effects this has on our society. I am going to pray for all those walking into a clinic today to kill their unborn children. I am going to pray they see what they are doing for what it is. I am going to pray for an end to abortion in our country and around the world.


Kim H. said...

I'm going to pray with you today for that very same thing - women walking in to clinics all over the world. Thank you for the wonderful reminder - and I love it - Life is Pro-Life - I'll never forget that.


Maria (also Bia) said...

I think it's so wonderful that you take your's important to teach our children to take a stand, and you're setting a beautiful example.

Yesterday, my 12 year old son told me about a conversation he had with a classmate concerning Obama and abortion. I was very proud that he took a stand and was able to state his case with eloquence, knowledge, and conviction.

Blessings, and we're also praying over here in Georgia for the end of abortion.