Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Future Vocation?

Bear once told a boy (a son of dear friends) she might be a nun when she gets older. This little 4-year old has quite a little crush on her. He wanted to buy her a weal wedding wing from a gumball machine once when our families were together at a pizza joint. After Bear's declaration that Jesus might want her to be a nun he responds, "I don't like nuns."

Saturday we were driving to a pig roast at our parish. Banana asks a question about highways and what type of roads were there before them. Dh answers her by telling her about a road that runs parallel to the highway that he has taken when traffic was bad. He says it was very scenic and if he remembers correctly, there is an old convent on the road.

Bear responds, "If there is a convent there, and Jesus calls me to be a nun when I get old, I think I'll go to that convent so that I can still be close to you guys." My heart melts and I am hoping she will always want to be so close to us. Then she follows up with, "But I really want a convent where they will let me pray in the chapel a lot." I think my heart skipped a beat.

It is amazing how much joy a 5-year old can bring her parents.


Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

My daughter says she wants to be nun somewhere in China which is very far from home. What am I doing wrong? The other one wants to be a mommy with 10 kids who lives next door. She is my favorite! J/K!

Kim H. said...

That is just precious. "A weal wedding wing" - okay I love it. It's wonderful when you can see how much even our wee ones love the Lord and want to serve HIM. You and DH are doing something right!

Love you all!