Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My rant about girls clothes

I am expecting a package tomorrow. I love Internet shopping. How nice is it to get something new come to the house? I like clicking to find the size I want, knowing instantly if it is available instead of sorting through rack after rack. It is also nice not to have to manage the mall with my three girls. My girls are fairly well-behaved (they have certainly had their moments, but for the most part are pretty good), and it can be fun to take them out and look through stores, get a frou-frou cup of coffee from Starbucks. It makes a perfect girl outing.

The problem? Have you seen the mall lately? I get tired of trying to strategize and come up with circuitous routes around the growing number of stores that market clothing for hookers and streetwalkers to my children. I cringe at the language of passer-bys. Then I get sticker shock from the few items of appropriate clothing I can find.

I never knew clothes shopping for an 8 year old girl could be so difficult or expensive. Once Banana hit a size 7, our choices became infinitely smaller and the prices for those options jumped exponentially. Why is it that clothes for a girls' size 7 look like they were made for 16 year olds? Some of the clothes would even be inappropriate for 16 year olds. I am stuck shopping at places I never dreamed I would shop because I find the prices unbelievable. Our package has jeans that were originally priced higher than I would pay for a pair of jeans for myself! Luckily, they were on sale and I had a coupon. But in order to get decent clothes at a decent price, I feel as though I have to constantly be shopping.

Why do these clothing designers market this stuff to kids? Can't an 8 year old be content to look like she is 8? Why encourage them to jump into teenage stuff? Looking back, are there many people who feel the teen years were the best in their life? Why not relish the few precious years of being a kid? I even hate the term tween. Why can't they just be kids?

I don't feel my girls should have to sacrifice nice clothes in order to be modest. I also don't understand why nice, fairly stylish, modest girls clothing has to cost an arm and a leg. I need my arms and legs to pay for gas and groceries.


Kim H. said...

girlfriend, you must go to Bia and Laura's posts of the last few days - it's all too much, too soon - and yep, it's hookers and streetwalkers to the MAX!

Keep shopping Lands End - and I do find Sears and Carters has cute stuff from time to time. And Kohl's too. But if you think it's hard NOW, just wait until they get in to junior sizes - it's all trash - well, not all of it, but the majority of it.

I don't understand why designers and buyers can't figure out that there are groups of us that still want our girls to dress modestly, yet nicely and not total frump/holly-hobby girl! Why is there such limited middle ground?!?!

Laura said...

That's why I think PREPPY looks cute on everybody...head bands, crew neck sweaters, belts..I know. I'm a dork.