Friday, October 24, 2008

Fifth Sentence Fun

I was tagged by my dear friend Kim for this post.

I am to grab the closest book. I am in the kitchen, so I went to the small bookshelf between my living room and kitchen. The shelf holds mostly dh's books. He has a serious obsession with books. I picked up one of his newest, "Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, Volume XXXI".

I am to turn to page 56 and locate the 5th sentence:

"The very fact that the process was slow, and that therefore the real line was almost stationary, made it easier to turn the eye away from it, for such digressions were at least diversions from the dull horror of protracted war."

For extra credit, I am to relate this sentence to my life. Without reading the sentence in the context of the article (which I may do later), what came to mind when I read about a slow process was our adoption wait. The adoption seems to be on my mind alot as we near our referral, which we hope will come next week, so I guess it is not surprising I would relate a random sentence to it. Certainly since it has taken so long I have allowed myself to have many digressions and diversions, especially when it came to thinking about how I would handle 2 weeks away from my girls. Now, with referrals coming closer, the details of our trip have begun to stress me out a little. None of this has anything to do with a "protracted war" but at least I was able to relate to most of the sentence.

Now I have to tag others. This is when I really wish I had more blogging friends. All of you lurkers out there should start a blog so I have people to tag! I will go with what I have and tag Shelly and Charlotte. Then I am going to challenge those lurking here to go grab their books and post your results in my comments.

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Kim H. said...

Girl, you totally get EXTRA credit!

You are a wonderful example of patience. I am so impressed! So exciting. I'm waiting and praying every day! :)