Saturday, October 4, 2008


Before we got to another Wednesday picture, I thought this little gem was worth sharing. This is Banana when she was about Bophie's age. I think all my girls have gone through the everything can be turned into chapstick phase.

In other news, we got a call from our agency this week letting us know we are officially next. Barring any complications, we will receive our match in early November. This call really made us feel like this is going to happen-- and soon. We will be spending October making sure all our ducks are in a row. I am sure I will spend a fair amount of time at the rumor site too. Please continue to pray for our little one. I was thankful for this week's Feast of the Guardian Angels. During our family prayers that evening we asked our angels to watch over her.

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Kim H. said...

They feel "excellent" - that's hilarious!

Please tell me you know the "my lips hurt real bad" line from Napoleon Dynamite....I'll never be able to watch that movie and not think of you and all the chapstick stories. :)