Saturday, October 18, 2008

Somewhere in China

Today, we got our fingerprints for the adoption done. For the third time we schlepped everyone downtown, battled traffic and parking meters, and went to have our fingers scanned at the Dept. of Homeland security. If it sounds like I am a little perturbed by this, it's because I am. Have my fingerprints changed in the last 3 years? No. So why do they need another set? The reasoning is beyond me, except that each trip is a whopping $80/person. So, in total, we have paid $480 so the U.S. Government can have three copies of our fingerprints.

We are getting very close now. The rumor mill says that TA's (travel approvals) for the last batch of matches have begun arriving. This is usually a sign that the new matches are about a week away. So right now, in a small room in China, there is a pile of folders, one with our name on it. There is another pile of files of beautiful babies who need a home. Most likely, sometime this week, someone I will never meet is making a decision that will forever change the lives of everyone in my family. Within two weeks we should know the name of the newest member of our family. Amazing, isn't it?


Kim H. said...

Waiting, waiting and praying and praying with you all. Cannot wait to hear the news and be able to begin the celebration of welcoming the newest "D". I'm on pins and needles!


Anonymous said...

The waiting is driving me crazy. :)

Post a blog entry when you have news!!!