Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My girls have always loved shopping at Trader Joe's. When we first moved here, we had corporate housing right across the street and we would go to that store almost daily. The girls love pushing the little carts, the cookie samples, and getting a fruit leather. Then one day they saw a sign that said if you find Finnigan (a stuffed dolphin) you can get a prize (an organic lollipop). Every time we are in that store, which is not often enough now that we don't live as close, my girls scour the shelves looking for Finnigan so they can get a prize.

I kind of enjoy this as it keeps them busy and not hounding me to buy more things. I love TJ's, but I always end up leaving there with way too many snack foods. I am lulled into thinking that because it is healthier, it is healthy. The distraction of the dolphin allows me to get what I need rather than constantly saying no, no, no.

The girls may have taken the reward thing too far though. Dh is amazing and gets up everyday to go to the early Mass-- really early Mass. Once a week he takes the girls with him and then takes them for breakfast. Last week they came home talking about the reward McDonalds has now.

Girls: "Mom, we could win $100 if we find the cat in McDonalds and it is much smaller than Trader Joes."

Me: "$100 for what?"

Girls: "We have to find the cat at McDonalds. There was a sign that said $100 reward for whoever finds the lost cat in the picture."

I chuckled at this. It was just too cute and I was busy at the time and didn't have time to explain what was really going on. This morning, I got up and we went as a family to Mass, then I took the girls to McD's as dh had to get to work. This is what I hear in the backseat.

Bear: "Darn, we didn't win the $100 for finding the cat."

Banana: "I really could've used that $100. That's a lot better than a lollipop."

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Kim H. said...

Okay, that's just hilarious! And I never knew about Finnigan - I'll have to point that out to Molly next time I'm in there and she wants EVERYTHING!