Friday, October 24, 2008

Vocabulary Lessons

When the kids were younger, I took them to Mass everyday. I had many people comment on how well they behaved. I always attributed part of that good behavior to practice. I found that the more we went to Mass, the better they behaved. Now that school takes more time, we only make it to daily Mass once or twice a week. I always try to make Friday.

Today, I have a bit of a headache and I am tired. I also feel like there is so much for me to get done that it would be humanly impossible to finish it all. These are the times I need Mass the most. Unfortunately, the girls can sense this mood in their mom and they hone in on it. The youngest two did not behave in Mass. I suspect this is largely due to how tired they are as well. Here's the conversation that ensues as I load them up:

Bophie: Donut, we get a donut?
Me: Are you kidding? You and Bear behaved atrociously, there is no way you're getting a donut.
Banana: What does atrocious mean?
Me: Terrible, horrible, awful.
Banana: Basically it means deplorable, right?

So, my 8 year old wasn't sure what atrocious meant. Apparently, deplorable is more her speed.


Kim H. said...

Okay Mommy of baby geniuses...that's good!

Maria (also Bia) said...

Okay, I would have been tempted to give her a doughnut because she has great vocabulary and used a synonym!