Friday, January 9, 2009

Forgive me?

I know, I know... It has been almost a week since my last post. Call it post-Christmas/post-China blues. It just seems that after such an eventful December, getting back into the grind is rather boring. Maybe it is just an extended case of blogger-block, but every time I sit down to post (there haven't been too many opportunities for this without a little one with a bottle making it even more difficult to type), I write two or three sentences and think why am I boring you all with this? Forgive me, right now it is all the excitement I have (or really want). If you so desire to hear all the boring, gory details of life here with the girls--read on.

We still aren't back to school. I wanted one week to get the decorations down and the house back in order. We also have company coming this weekend so I wanted to do some more thorough cleaning. I feel completely overwhelmed just keeping up now, how will I ever add school to the mix? On the other hand, I can really tell my older girls have been on vacation too long. They need the structure of schoolwork, and the excitement of learning something new. I am hoping that as difficult as next week is for me, perhaps the girls will rise to the occasion and settle back into a routine. I am sure this will be the case for Banana and Bear, Bophie is the X factor, and Juliana the Y factor.

Thankfully we have been spared from the stomach thing going around. I did have a killer headache this week (I haven't had one this bad since college). The mid west weather does this to me. The up and down temperatures and barometer pressure wreak havoc on my sinuses. While I am glad to be closer to family (we finally feel like we are "home"), in the midst of these headaches I could be convinced to move back to California. We also had a week of more lab work for Juliana. It turned out the samples (you really don't want details here) we turned in for Juliana's parasite testing had the wrong preservatives. We had the joy of recollecting them. They also had to take 5 vials of blood, and she had to get two shots. Juliana was a fighter, and a trooper, and we are both glad this phase is over. We hope to hear the results soon.

The girls are all still enamored with their newest sister. I have seen no fits of jealousy, no cries for attention. They are all willing helpers who tend to every whimper of their sister. They actually fight over who is going to help (this is not so helpful), they rush to hold her because they have the idea that if holding the baby they won't be asked to help in some other way (again not so helpful). Despite this, it is beautiful and heartwarming to see this little child getting so much attention. It is a reminder of how blessed we are.

Bored enough? I could go on, but I better take advantage of nap time. I could really use a shower. I forgot how difficult that was with a new baby!


Unknown said...

Not bored at all! I could hear about a baby any time! (can you tell I have baby pangs?)

Thanks for entering the contest, you;ll have to check back Monday for the right answer-and the winner, of course!

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Yes, just keep updating us on those those precious girls, especially that newest one! (I'm kind of attached to her since you did pick the name I voted for! LOL :) And don't blog for us, blog for YOU! You don't owe anybody here anything. Let this be a place for you to escape to to think, be creative, and enjoy!

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Some serious editing could have been used on that last sentence!

Let this be a place for you to escape to; a place to think, be creative, and enjoy!

Herd Momma said...

Bored? No way. I'm like Therese, I get the baby pangs too. So reminding me of the demands and lack of showering helps squelch the pangs.
Keep us posted, no matter how boring you think it is.

Kim H. said...


We Moms in the trenches love the boring, gorey details. Bring 'em on - and I think boring is good, especially as little J continues the transition. Excitement is overrated. I'm sorry. I love boring and scheduled.


Laura said...

Oh we headache people grow very jealous of you non-headache people.
Your first bad one since college?

It's interesting to read about the ups and downs of parenting.

You're not boring anyone.
Good post.

(And sometimes you can just write a sentence or two. Simple thoughts are sometimes the best ones.)

Maria (also Bia) said...

nope....not bored at all. i've enjoyed catching up and reading about juliana.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Boring and gory? Don't be silly! That's what we love! Praying for you and all moms with little ones!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update.

Prayers for you and your family as you all adjust to your darling newest member.

Laura said...

I give you Q.
For no reason. I just want someone to do Q.