Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Quick Queen of Quincy and her quacking quackeroo

This is what immediately came to mind when Laura assigned me the letter Q (because someone has to do it!). So the list of my 10 favorite Q's will start there.

10-6 - Quick Queen of Quincy and her quacking quackeroo-- I might be stretching it a bit to count this as 5. You'll have to cut me some slack, it's the letter Q... I'm no Terra, who managed to come up with TEN for X!

This is a line from Dr. Seuss's ABC. One of our favorite books around here. It was probably eight years ago that I started reading this to Banana. It was her favorite book and it only took a week or so for me to have it memorized. We read it a-l-l the time. Oh the free time I had when there was only one child. She learned her letters from this book. I was so new to this parenting thing I didn't even recognize the wheels in her mind turning. After a month or so of multiple daily readings we were in the car running errands when I hear my little one emphatically saying "bee-- bee" over and over. I panic thinking there is a stinging insect in the car. Then I hear "pee too, pee too". I'm sure you know where my mind went then. Turns out she had learned from Dr. Seuss how to recognize her letters and was pointing out the large BP Gas Station sign. That brought not only a sigh of relief, but tears of pride and joy to a young first time mom watching her firstborn tackle a whole new world.

That story is worth the 5 points I just gave it, right?

5. Quilts- Who doesn't like to snuggle under a warm quilt? I am also fortunate to have a very talented friend who has made baby quilts for all my girls. My favorite is the one for her Goddaughter Bophie.

4. Questions- I have a love/hate relationship with these. I love questions from one of my girls who is thinking through some situation--when they ask an insightful question that shows how brilliant they really are. I also love questions that leave me scratching my head wanting to track down an answer. I hate questions the questioner already knows the answer. I also hate to be asked questions when my answer is really not needed, when the questioner is just going to do what they wanted from the beginning. When it isn't really a question, but rather a search for confirmation.

3. Quick Meals- not eat on the go meals, the quick, simple to prepare meals. I am happy to say that our young family still sits around the dinner table each night. We have family meals. My one problem is that I am not a meal planner. Tell me what to cook and I can probably do it (I am by no means a chef, but a capable cook). I just never seem organized enough to know what's for dinner tomorrow. So I love quick, easy to prepare meals that allow me to throw a dinner together without too much fuss. If you have any favorites, feel free to send them my way!

2. Quarters (as in football games)- college football to be exact. You got a glimpse of it in this post. I am a true college football fan (as in fanatic). I root for the Buckeyes, but I love all things college football. On any given Saturday in October, I could turn on the TV and find a game I'd enjoy watching. I stay up till midnight to watch bowl games even if my team isn't playing. I can carry on a better football conversation than my husband-- and I enjoy it!

1. Quiet Moments- As a mom to four girls I often struggle to get a break in the chatter. I love it, but I also treasure that oh-so-brief moment at the end of the day when they are all sleeping (or at least tucked in bed), and I can breathe deeply and say a prayer for tomorrow.

The deal is that now that you have read all my favorite Q's, leave a comment adding your favorite Q and I'll assign you a letter.


Kim H. said...

Awesome meme....I got assinged "z" from Terra via Laura...this is all Laura's fault!

I loved "quarters" as in football. For all those reading this comment - yes, Nikki LOVES her some college football. She might even love it more than some men you might know. It makes me chuckle when she and my Leo talk college football after Mass on Sunday.

This morning you were definitely the creative little beaver!

Michelle said...

Nikki, it is so good to be back in touch!

Many happy congratulations on the newest additions to your family!