Monday, January 19, 2009

Juliana's Baptism Revisted

I wanted to post some more pictures of Juliana's baptism. We were fortunate to have my little sister there taking all kinds of great pictures and I thought I would share.

Kim also commented about Juliana's baptismal gown and I couldn't resist posting the response as I love our baptismal gown. Yes Juliana wore the same gown as the other girls. Even though she is almost a year old, she only weighs 13 lbs. Bear was 9 lbs when she was born! I have mentioned in a few posts Bophie's talented seamstress godmother (she has made beautiful quilts for my girls). We became dear friends when I was pregnant with Banana. I had this brilliant idea to have a baptismal gown made from the train of my wedding gown. My wedding gown was made of brushed silk and I loved the fabric. It was a brilliant idea that Stella made a reality. She did an absolutely amazing job. It is a beautiful gown that all my girls have worn to their baptisms. How could I ever thank her enough for such a priceless gift?

I also thought I would take this opportunity to offer a piece of advice to those of you who know any converts. There is nothing that brings out the insecurities in this convert more than the etiquette of how to celebrate a sacrament. This Easter will mark my tenth year in the Church, but I still am so clueless about how sacraments are celebrated. So if you know someone in this situation, fill them in on the secrets you cradle Catholics take for granted. Walk them through every little step. What you think is basic, common knowledge is not. Who should be invited--big party or family gathering? What is the protocol for gifts? Proper attire? I spend most of the time feeling as though there is some secret code I just don't know. I worry I am offending someone because of my lacking knowledge. This baptism I learned it was OK to invite good friends. I was under the impression baptisms were small, family gatherings. I learn a little each time, so maybe I'll eventually get it. Until then, be patient-- I am a conversion still in progress.


Unknown said...

What a great post, Nikki! And thank you for your candor about celebrating sacraments. I really feel like who to invite to a baptism is up to the family. I have a really large family, so we really don't invite friends. I think either is OK.

Ann said...

As a fellow convert I have had this same stress! Thanks for your wonderful post...your girls are all beautiful! May God bless you!

Kim H. said...

Aw honey, that is a beautiful post - and I love that the baptismal gown is made from your wedding dress. So amazing!

And I loved your honesty. I 2nd T's comment - how you celebrate is completely up to you. Each and every family celebrates differently.

And can I just say I am blown away by your faith and your living example. You are an inspiration to me, for sure! I feel like I am learning from you.

Herd Momma said...

You invite as many as you want. It's a celebration. The more the merrier. At our church the last weekend of the year is reserved for baptisms. Father will do them at other times if neccessary. The Baptisms are done during the Mass! The whole parish is invited! Then the families usually have a gathering at their homes for family and invited guest.
We were in another parish when my kids were all baptised and many parishoners stayed after Mass to participate.
Please don't let looks or possible comments from cradle Catholics bother you. You're not there for them. You're there for you and your family. The Priest looks like a great guy who will help lead you. Welcome I say, and fooey on others. Like they've never made a mistake.
The wedding dress baptismal gown is the most amazing thing I've ever heard!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you weren't catholic from birth....WOW! What a surprise. The sad part is (not for you but for others) that you are more religious/catholic then they are. It worries me....will my kids stay faithful as an adult or wonder from the church.....I pray they stay.