Thursday, January 22, 2009

We interrupt this program...

I have to admit that we did not turn on the television to watch any of the Inauguration this week. I knew it was an historical day, and perhaps an opportunity to teach my girls about government. I also knew it would do damage to the peace in my home. I am pretty sure that if I tried to watch, more than one uncharitable comment would have been said. So the decision was made to keep with our regular school day.

We did, however, watch the Vigil for Life last night on EWTN. Banana had heard an advertisement for it on Catholic Radio yesterday and had asked to turn it on. What a blessing! We only watched the procession and the penitential rite, but it was amazingly encouraging. The procession was long-- incredibly long. I wish I had thought to have the girls try to count the number of priests in attendance, there were many. There was also a very long line of bishops and at least 4 cardinals. There were also a staggering number of consecrated men and women in attendance. The seats not filled by them seemed to filled with young people.

At one point in the procession, Bear asked "Will it ever end?" To which dh quickly replied, "Please God, I hope not." On this day, that large group gathered at the Basilica gives me hope. It encourages me to work harder to promote the sanctity of life. That is the lesson I would much prefer to teach my children.

So today I will interrupt our normal schooling. While I can't take them all to DC, we will attend Mass at our Cathedral.
(I digress here: We went to this Mass when Bophie was a baby and sat in the second row. We got moved to the middle of the pew as Mass started. I knew I was in trouble. Bophie began fussing and I couldn't get her out without making more of a scene. I did all I could. I later learned it wasn't enough. I was telling a friend how wonderful the bishop's homily was. She said, "You know, I thought you were there. I was pretty sure that was Bophie I heard when I was listening to the radio broadcast." Today we will not sit in the front in case Juliana fusses.)
Weather and temperaments permitting we may go to the rally at our statehouse. We will at some point turn on the television (typically unheard of during a school day) to watch EWTN (cause you know no one else will be covering this) and support the marchers with our prayers. We will use this time to talk about ways we can further the pro-life movement. We will offer small penances. We will pray some more.

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