Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Month

I was reminded by another mom who travelled with us that today marks one month since we adopted Juliana. In some ways it seems like yesterday, in other ways it seems as though she has always been part of our family. I took pictures of the other girls on their monthly birthdays for the first year, so it seems fitting to do the same for Juliana.

I am amazed how well she fits our family. I am also so thankful for how well she has adjusted. Tonight as we were going through our evening routine, she put her head on my shoulder. She has also taken to patting my head and wants to feel my hand on her head or face when she is tired. It is so wonderful to have her bonding so well. She becomes a little more cuddly and affectionate each day and I am really enjoying it. She has been clingy since our first days, but it took being at home for her to really feel at ease with us. She has also really taken to her sisters. Having many wonderful sisters myself, I am thankful they are already so close.


Maria (also Bia) said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family.

Kim H. said...

Wow! I cannot believe it's a month already. Seems like yesterday I was just reading about red couches and soup bowls with chicken's feet.

The family picture of you guys is just beautiful. The girls look adorable - and some day I want to hear the story of Juliana's baptismal gown. Did you have to get her a new one or was she able to fit in to the ones your other girls wore?