Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Night Off

I have a small confession to make. I don't really want to blog tonight. I had planned on it, I had a couple of little memories I intended to write tonight. However, I had a day full of appointments. My mom watched the girls who were so excited to see Grandma they didn't get good naps (she made dinner too, how spoiled am I?), and dh is at a meeting. So I am going to take advantage of a quiet night, put the girls to bed early, and read this. The author is coming to a Women's Conference in my area and I am gearing up.

The baby's bottle just finished. With any luck the girls will be asleep (or at least quiet) in 10 minutes. Maybe I can even finish the book off tonight... blogging will resume tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, Nikki! That is one of my favorite books! I just bought her next one, Led by Faith! Can't wait to hear about the conference!