Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Book

I I know I am not extrmely organized. I feel that there is a healthy balance to be met. The quest for organization can be paralyzing and lead to just as many problems as being unorganized. I have the tendency to allow "organization" to interfere with tackling a project, but I am working on it. This week we started school even though I know I desperately need to sit down and lesson plan and organize our time. If I waited until I was completely organized and ready-- well, we might never get started.

I tipped the balance though. My recent lack of organization left me in quite a lurch. I scheduled the social worker the same night Dh had a meeting at church. This may seem small to most of you, but it left me running the next night for a datebook so I am certain not to repeat the mistake.

I keep trying to find a way to tell you all about Bob the social worker (not his real name), but I just don't know how to do him justice. He is a really nice, retired man who has made this adoption process interesting. Knowing there are kids out there reading, I just can't go into the details of the really "interesting" conversations we have had. Suffice it to say, this was one dinner I did not want to fly solo. On top of that, I was tired from a rough night with Juliana, and Bophie had spent the day down and out with a stomach bug (I am crossing fingers as so far no one else has caught it). I needed dh as a buffer and he had to go to a meeting-- a meeting to discuss work I had volunteered him to do.

We made it through the evening, but this little book will hopefully insure that I have no more incidents like it. It will be yet another attempt at organizing my life... I have already penciled in our 6 month post-adoption visit so dh will not miss it!

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Kim H. said...

baby steps, honey. baby steps.